Amazon Va Courses

What you will Learn in this course

1- Account opening
2- Product Hunting
3- Product Sourcing
4- Product Sampling , photo graphy and box design
5- Purchase Order for Inventory
6- UPC purchasing
7- Shipment inspection
8- Post Shipment Lable Genration
9- Destination Address Generation
10- Account Settings for operations
12- Posting of the Shipment information in the Account
13- Listing Optimisation with Pictures for better introduction to the customers and Sales Ranking
14- Preparation for Selling Operations
15- Start Selling Operations
16- Sport Selling PPC Compaign
17- Customer Reviews Handling
18- Customer Complaints
19- Returns & Claims
20- Sale Revenue transfering to your Payoneer Account.
21- General Review on the Completing the First Sale Cycle.
22- New Plan for Next Sale Cycle including Trade Mark Registration
23- Restarting the Next Cycle from the next purchase order